Unit 2

Unit 2 – The Natural Environment

At St Ivo we study the following topics for this unit:

  1. River Landscapes
  2. Coastal Landscapes
  3. Tectonic Landscapes
  4. A Watery World

Please note that Revision resources for Unit 2 can be found under the Revision tab at the top of the page.


2 responses to “Unit 2

  1. where are the resources?
    can i have rrevision cards for a wasteful world and tectonics

    • If you go to the revision tab you can pick up some revision resources for Tectonics – I am afraid we don’t teach Wasteful World at our school so I can’t help you with that but there are Tectonics resources you could use (you will need to check with your teacher which case studies you need though as we may do different ones).

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