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Geography Revision – River Landscapes

After school GCSE Geography revision continues on Wednesday 19th March with River Landscapes. Mr Chambers will be in N16 and Mr Nunn N19 running Higher Revision and Miss Raine will be in N15 running Foundation Revision.

Resources from the first six revision sessions on Population, Tourism, Settlement, Economic Change and Tectonic Landscapes, Coastal Landscapes have been published on the Year 11 Schoology pages – students just need to log in.

Rivers Revision.jpg


GeoTweet Revision – River Landforms

Here is a summary of tonight’s GeoTweet revision on River Landforms

GeoTweet - River landforms

GeoTweet Revision – River Processes and Downstream Change

Here is a summary of tonight’s GeoTweet Revision on River Processes and Downstream Changes.

Rivers Multiple Choices

River Landscapes – Multiple Choice Quiz

A new River Landscapes multiple choice quiz to test yourself on your knowledge of rivers – 65 questions – 30 seconds per question! Take the challenge….

Rivers Multiple Choices