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Unit 3 Exam – Human Environments – test yourself with this multiple choice quizzes!

A good way of testing yourself and identifying areas you still need to brush up on is to have a go at these multiple choice quizzes on the four topics that we have studied at St Ivo for the Unit 3 Human exam.



Practice Multiple Choice Quizzes for the Unit 2 exam.

See how much you know – some good last minute multiple choice quizzes – as you go through – note down any you get wrong so you can identify any last minute key areas you need to look at!


Unit 3 – A Tourist’s World Multiple Choice Quiz

Here is a 40 question multiple choice for the final topic of Unit 3 – “A Tourist’s World”
Tourists World

Unit 3 – Settlement Multiple Choice Quiz

A new Multiple Choice Quiz for the Unit 3 Settlement Change topic – there are 40 questions for you to check your knowledge with!Settlement

Multiple Choice Quiz – Economic Change (Unit 3)

Hopefully revision is going well – here is a 40 question multiple choice quiz to test yourself on some of your work on Economic Change for Unit 3.
Economic Change

Multiple Choice Quiz – A Watery World

A multiple choice quiz with 60 questions on the Watery World topic. Up for the challenge?
Watery World - Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Quiz – Tectonic Landscapes

A new 50 question multiple choice quiz for testing yourself on tectonic landscapes – up for the challenge?
Tectonics - Multiple