Unit 2 – The Natural Environment

The new revision guide for Unit 2 Natural Environments has now been published and will be given out to all students in Year 11.

Remember, for the Natural Environment Exam – St Ivo students will be revising and answering the questions for:


In the weeks running up to the summer 2015 exams a number of new resources will be uploaded to help support you in your revision. Please keep checking back!

Revision Resources for Download:

Revision Cards

The following revision cards can be downloaded, cut out and folded in half to provide a useful revision aid. Get your parents and friends involved in testing you!
Coastal Landscapes – Revision Cards
River Landscapes – Revision Cards
Tectonic Landscapes – Revision Cards
Watery World – Revision Cards

Case Study Mix and Match Cards
Unit 2 Case Studies – Natural Environment – Mix and Match Revision

Place Specific Detail Mix and Match Cards
Unit 2 – Case study place specific detail mix and match cards (Natural Environments)

Glossary Check Sheets
The revision guide has full copies of the glossaries for both topics. You can download spare ‘Check yourself’ glossary sheets – both for key terms and the definitions.
Coastal Landscapes – Key Terms
Coastal Landscapes – Definitions
River Landscapes – Key Terms
River Landscapes – Definitions

Natural Environments Dominoes 

Coasts Dominoes
Rivers Dominoes
Plate Tectonics Dominoes
Watery World Dominoes

NEW! Practice Papers

Here are the new interactive Practice Papers to help you practice answering questions. Questions can be given randomly and you can opt to answer it under timed conditions. Having finished your answer you can print your response and then see advice and possible answers to help your mark your answers and get help in consolidating your exam technique.

Practice Paper - coasts Practice Paper - Rivers Practice Paper - Tectonics Practice Paper - Watery World

Multiple Choice Interactive Quizzes:
Coastal Landscapes Multiple Choice
River Landscapes Multiple Choice
Tectonic Landscapes Multiple Choice
Watery World Multiple Choice

Other Resources:
Plate Boundary Revision – Blank Diagrams Sheet
Command Words Poster
Card Sort Activity for Conservative and Divergent Boundaries


9 responses to “Unit 2 – The Natural Environment

  1. Hey Rob, doing some after school revision with year 11’s hope you don’t mind me using some of your brilliant tectonic resources. Owe you a dinner at 582 in return at some stage. Thanks

  2. Great resources, invaluable link for my yr 10 to revise from. All the best

  3. Some truly fantastic resources here. Is it possible to access the revision guide online?

    Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Hi,
    We have invested in the practice paper software for our department. However, I am finding it difficult to upload to our department website. How did you manage to upload it for students to access?
    Many thanks

  5. Can you please tell me what is showering socities

    • Well the edexcel textbook defines the term as being linked to higher standards of personal hygiene causing the creation of a society where people shower in the morning and again later in the day (e.g. if going out) – which uses large volumes of water – hence a ‘showering society’

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