Case Study Revision

Case Study Dominoes
Print and cut out a set of dominoes for testing yourself on which case study to use where

Case Study Dominoes

Case Study Bunting
Print out summaries of your main case studies as bunting (or simply print and staple together as a case study booklet)
Unit 2 Case Study Bunting (Natural Environments
Unit 3 Case Study Bunting (Human Environments)

Interactive Diagrams
Revise your case studies and then use these interactive diagrams to create a revision summary to test yourself (instructions given).
Interactive Diagram – Swanage Bay – Coastal Management to reduce coastal recession.
Interactive Diagram – Yorkshire Ouse – Managing rivers to reduce effects of flooding
Interactive Diagram – Haiti Earthquake
Interactive Diagram – Colorado River – Conflicts over water transfer

Interactive Diagram – Three Gorges Dam – Large scale water management

Choosing the right case study
Making the right choice of case study for a question is important – have a go at these two quizzes to practice matching up some of your case studies to what they are an example of:
Unit 2 – Case Study Match Up
Unit 3 – Case Study Match Up


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