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Unit 3 Exam – Human Environments – test yourself with this multiple choice quizzes!

A good way of testing yourself and identifying areas you still need to brush up on is to have a go at these multiple choice quizzes on the four topics that we have studied at St Ivo for the Unit 3 Human exam.



Unit 3 Practice Papers – Human Environments

Don’t forget there are a series of practice questions for each of the topics we have covered at St Ivo – try these interactive practice papers… Suggested answers / content for answers is given once you have had a go.


Revision – Unit 1 Exam.

If any of you can’t find your Year 11 Revision booklets – there is a .pdf version available on the Schoology course – just login and click on Updates and look for the updates regarding this.

I have also just uploaded to your Schoology course final revision presentations for Unit 1, 2 and 3 which should be helpful.

Geography Revision – Economic Change

Afterschool GCSE Geography revision continues on Wednesday 15th March – this week’s topic is Economic Change. Miss Yorke will be in N13 and Mr West in N17 running Higher Revision and Mrs Morey will be in N21 running Foundation Revision.

Resources from the first three revision sessions on Population, Tourism and Settlement have been published on the Year 11 Schoology pages – students just need to log in.Economic Change.jpg

Revision – Year 11 Mocks – January 2016

Now is the time to make sure you are revising thoroughly for your Year 11 mock exams which are in January.

Remember in Geography, as we are still teaching the Unit 2 Physical Environments, your mock exams will consist of:

Unit 1 – Geographical Skills and Challenges (1 hour)
Unit 3 – Human Environments (1 hour 15 mins)

You will need to refer to your individual timetables for the exact dates and locations of your exams.


Please remember there are lots of resources available to support you here on the blog – look through the links above or go straight to the main revision links page.


These are now available. Unit 1 will be distributed to you all in class by your teacher (please ask them for a copy if you don’t have it by the end of term). You can purchase a copy of the Unit 2 and 3 guides from the Business Centre (as per the letter sent to parents).

Revision Guides 2015

When we get back in January there will be the following support available:


Friday lunchtimes – Revision clinic in N16 – Mr Chambers or Mr Nunn will be available to go over any questions you have or help you revise any particular topics you are stuck on.

An extra mapskills revision session will be timetabled either at lunchtime or afterschool (more details to come when you get back after Christmas.


Unit 3 – A Tourist’s World Multiple Choice Quiz

Here is a 40 question multiple choice for the final topic of Unit 3 – “A Tourist’s World”
Tourists World

Unit 3 – Population Change Multiple Choice Quiz

A 40 question quiz for the Population Change topic from Unit 3 Human Environments.

Population Multiple Choice