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Revision Advice and Ideas for tomorrow’s Unit 1 Exam

Don’t forget ALL the past lesson resources and presentations and an electronic copy of the revision guide are on Schoology for you. However also remember the following useful resources for testing yourself / last minute practice!

Remember the Interactive Practice Paper – try some questions – then click submit to get ideas of what should be in your answer so you can mark yourself.

Practic Paper - Challenges

See how much you know by having a go at the 50 question Multiple-Choice quiz for Challenges to the Planet!

Multiple Choice - Challenges to Planet

Remember there are the revision cards for Challenges to the Planet available here – get someone to test you!

Revision Cards

CASE STUDIES – what case studies / examples should you be make sure you know?

Make sure as well as your usual revision and revising the key concepts – you are clear on the main case studies we have looked at here at the Ivo for tomorrow’s exam.

Unit 1 Effects of climate change – Changes in Crop Production (Ethiopia, Mozambique etc.); Rising sea levels (effects on places like Tuvalu / Bangladesh); Melting glaciers (e.g. Athabasca) etc.

Unit 1 – Example of International Climate Conference – Kyoto (Kyoto Protocol – 1997)

Unit 1 – Local scale response to Climate Change – Huntingdonshire District Council

Unit 1 – Named example – NGO involved in Climate Change campaigning – Greenpeace

Unit 1 – Case Study – Sustainability in the Workplace – either (i) NOKIA or (ii) Marks and Spencers (Plan A) (could also use examples such as Holiday Inn (towels) and companies using skype more to reduce carbon footprint etc.

Unit 1 – Case Studies – Sustainable Transport – (i) London Congestion Charge (ii) Cambridge Park and Ride (make sure you know how these have helped reduce the effects on urban areas – e.g. reduced congestion, reduced pollution etc.)

Unit 1 – Examples – Effects of Resource Extraction –  Logging (Cameroon) Oil Extraction(Ecuador) Gold Mining (Brazil), Gas Project(Peru) etc.

Unit 1 – Examples – Sustainable Management Rainforest – Ecotourism, Agriculture & Small Scale Forestry (Costa Rica); Companies taking responsibility (Maxus Energy); Medicinal Uses (Merck) ; Fragrances (Givaudan);Governments taking stand (Kaw Mountain–French Guiana)


Geography Revision – Challenges to the Planet

After school GCSE Geography revision continues on Wednesday 3rd May with Challenges to the Planet. Mr Chambers will be in N16 and Miss Raine N15 running Higher Revision and Mrs Morey will be in N17 running Foundation Revision.

Resources from the first eight revision sessions on Population, Tourism, Settlement, Economic Change and Tectonic Landscapes, Coastal Landscapes, River Landscapes and Challenges to the Planet have been published on the Year 11 Schoology pages – students just need to log in.

Challenges to the Planet

Geography Revision – River Landscapes

After school GCSE Geography revision continues on Wednesday 19th March with River Landscapes. Mr Chambers will be in N16 and Mr Nunn N19 running Higher Revision and Miss Raine will be in N15 running Foundation Revision.

Resources from the first six revision sessions on Population, Tourism, Settlement, Economic Change and Tectonic Landscapes, Coastal Landscapes have been published on the Year 11 Schoology pages – students just need to log in.

Rivers Revision.jpg

Year 11 GCSE Revision

We hope you have had a great half term and have had some success with your revision. Our formal 10 week department revision programme starts this week. The sessions will run down in the Geography Department every Wednesday after school and the timetable is available here.

We will be posting revision ideas, reminders and materials here on the blog as well as our twitter feed @StIvoGeography and department facebook page.


Unit 1 – Challenges to the Planet

The unit 1 exam is rapidly approaching. Tonight’s revision session we mapped out and revised the Challenges to the Planet section of the exam (see below). If you were unable to make the session the resources are available on the Year 11 Schoology page (ask your teacher for the access code if you have not signed up).

Make sure you learn your examples and place specific detail to back up your answers!


Geography Revision on Schoology

With the exams fast approaching, remember all of the GCSE Geography course materials are available online for St Ivo School Geography Yr 11 students via Schoology, including PowerPoints, video clips and links to revision materials from the afterschool programme. Please see your Geography teacher for the access code.


Year 11 Revision – Summer 2016

Your revision is well underway – remember…revision

Please make sure you make good use of your notes, your three revision guides and your past paper booklets. There is also the Year 11 Schoology GCSE Geography course page with all the PowerPoints and resources we have used throughout the two years, please see your Geography teacher for the access code (this is only available to St Ivo students I’m afraid).

Remember there are lots of resources on this blog to help you with your revision – go to the revision section above – you can find:

  • Interactive past questions (have a go and test yourself with suggested answers!)
  • Blank glossary sheets
  • Question and Answer flashcards for all topics (get friends and family to test you or work with others in a study group!)
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Podcasts
  • GeoTweet Revision summaries

and more….

With the exams fast approaching we will continue to advertise revision materials / provide revision advice and information about revision classes etc. both on here and on @StIvoGeography as well as the main Geography portal . For those of you who don’t have twitter – the twitter feed is visible on the the Geobytes website.

Good luck and remember to ask your teachers if you have any questions!