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Geography Revision – Economic Change

Afterschool GCSE Geography revision continues on Wednesday 15th March – this week’s topic is Economic Change. Miss Yorke will be in N13 and Mr West in N17 running Higher Revision and Mrs Morey will be in N21 running Foundation Revision.

Resources from the first three revision sessions on Population, Tourism and Settlement have been published on the Year 11 Schoology pages – students just need to log in.Economic Change.jpg


Multiple Choice Revision – Coastal Landscapes

This new multiple choice quiz will give you the opportunity to test yourself on some of the key concepts of the Coastal Landscapes unit – there are 60 questions and the timer is on – 30secs per question! See how much you know!

Multi Choice CoastsMulti - Coasts2

Multiple Choice Quiz – Challenges to the Planet – Unit 1

A 50 question challenge – test yourself on your Challenges to the Planet work (Unit 1) with this multiple choice revision quiz.

Multiple Choice - Challenges to PlanetMultiple Choice 2

GeoTweet Revision – Employment Structure

A summary of tonight’s GeoTweet revision on Coastal Management can be found here…

GeoTweet - Employment Structure


Practice Past Papers for Unit 3 – Human Environments

FPractice Paper - Settlementollowing on from this afternoon’s post on Unit 2 questions, here are the new interactive Practice Papers to help you practice answering questions for Unit 3. As with the others, questions can be given randomly and you can opt to answer it under timed conditions. Having finished your answer you can print your response and then see advice and possible answers to help your mark your answers and get help in consolidating your exam technique.

Practice Paper – Economic Change
Practice Paper – Settlement Change
Practice Paper – Population Change
Practice Paper – A Tourist’s World

GeoTweet Revision – Coastal Managment

A summary of tonight’s GeoTweet revision on Coastal Management can be found here…

GeoTweet - Coastal Management

GeoTweet Revision – Coastal Recession

A summary of tonight’s GeoTweet revision on Coastal Transport and Deposition can be found here… 

GeoTweet - coastal recession