Welcome to GeoBytesGCSE.wordpress.com.
This blog is aimed at supporting students at St Ivo School studying the Edexcel A GCSE Geography Course. We understand that students from other schools studying GCSE Geography may find some of these resources useful. We welcome use by others, but please remember the specific case studies used are those we study at St Ivo, so make sure you check with your own teachers which case studies you should be studying. We welcome any feedback.


Our main department website is www.geobytes.org.uk 


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi, Im a student from another school and I want to say that your resources are PERFECT but i only have one tiny problem, I want to print the practice papers for each topic but whenever I press the print button it redirects me to the starter page of the practice papers

    • Hi – apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I have just tried it on my computer – clicking on Print Questions and it brings up the option of printing all questions or questions with feedback. I’m really sorry – I’m not sure what’s stopping it for you. Have you tried a different browser? I am using Chrome. Hope that helps.

      • Aynaz Dehghan

        Hi!! Thank you for responding, you were right! I tried a different browser because for some reason it wouldn’t work on safari so I tried Chrome and its working perfectly now, thanks a lot! >

      • I’m glad it’s working for you. Good luck with your studies.

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