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Unit 3 Exam – Human Environments – test yourself with this multiple choice quizzes!

A good way of testing yourself and identifying areas you still need to brush up on is to have a go at these multiple choice quizzes on the four topics that we have studied at St Ivo for the Unit 3 Human exam.



Revision Reminders on Twitter and Facebook

Remember, the department Facebook page and Twitter (@StIvoGeography) accounts are also being used to flag revision resources and reminders in the countdown to the final exam.


Unit 3 Practice Papers – Human Environments

Don’t forget there are a series of practice questions for each of the topics we have covered at St Ivo – try these interactive practice papers… Suggested answers / content for answers is given once you have had a go.


Practice Multiple Choice Quizzes for the Unit 2 exam.

See how much you know – some good last minute multiple choice quizzes – as you go through – note down any you get wrong so you can identify any last minute key areas you need to look at!