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Unit 1 – Challenges to the Planet

The unit 1 exam is rapidly approaching. Tonight’s revision session we mapped out and revised the Challenges to the Planet section of the exam (see below). If you were unable to make the session the resources are available on the Year 11 Schoology page (ask your teacher for the access code if you have not signed up).

Make sure you learn your examples and place specific detail to back up your answers!



GCSE Revision Programme

If you haven’t been able to make the 10 Week Revision programme, remember you can access the Revision materials through the St Ivo Year 11 Schoology account (see your teacher for access codes). These are added after each session – they are definitely not the same as being there but may be helpful. 3 more sessions to go……

Tomorrow night we are revising Challenges to the Planet – this is part of the Unit 1 exam which is coming up VERY soon – please try and be there if you can. 3.15 – N16 (Higher), N17 (Foundation) and N19 (Higher).

Year 11 Geog Revision