Year 11 Revision – Summer 2016

Your revision is well underway – remember…revision

Please make sure you make good use of your notes, your three revision guides and your past paper booklets. There is also the Year 11 Schoology GCSE Geography course page with all the PowerPoints and resources we have used throughout the two years, please see your Geography teacher for the access code (this is only available to St Ivo students I’m afraid).

Remember there are lots of resources on this blog to help you with your revision – go to the revision section above – you can find:

  • Interactive past questions (have a go and test yourself with suggested answers!)
  • Blank glossary sheets
  • Question and Answer flashcards for all topics (get friends and family to test you or work with others in a study group!)
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Podcasts
  • GeoTweet Revision summaries

and more….

With the exams fast approaching we will continue to advertise revision materials / provide revision advice and information about revision classes etc. both on here and on @StIvoGeography as well as the main Geography portal . For those of you who don’t have twitter – the twitter feed is visible on the the Geobytes website.

Good luck and remember to ask your teachers if you have any questions!


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