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Unit 3 – A Tourist’s World Multiple Choice Quiz

Here is a 40 question multiple choice for the final topic of Unit 3 – “A Tourist’s World”
Tourists World


Unit 3 – Population Change Multiple Choice Quiz

A 40 question quiz for the Population Change topic from Unit 3 Human Environments.

Population Multiple Choice

Unit 3 – Settlement Multiple Choice Quiz

A new Multiple Choice Quiz for the Unit 3 Settlement Change topic – there are 40 questions for you to check your knowledge with!Settlement

Multiple Choice Quiz – Economic Change (Unit 3)

Hopefully revision is going well – here is a 40 question multiple choice quiz to test yourself on some of your work on Economic Change for Unit 3.
Economic Change

Revision Session – Monday 18th May

St Ivo Geographers – Please remember that there is a two hour revision session for Unit 1 on Monday 18th between 11.05 – 1.05 to be held in the Geog Dept – 1 hour on Geographical Skills and 1 hour on Challenges to the Planet.

Within this time we will be looking at another Geographical Skills Past Paper together to practice map and graphical skills.

This is instead of the after school revision which will not take place.

Multiple Choice Quiz – A Watery World

A multiple choice quiz with 60 questions on the Watery World topic. Up for the challenge?
Watery World - Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Quiz – Tectonic Landscapes

A new 50 question multiple choice quiz for testing yourself on tectonic landscapes – up for the challenge?
Tectonics - Multiple