Revision – Self-test Revision Cards


Self-check Revision Cards are now available for download for all topics covered in the Edexcel A GCSE Geography course at St Ivo School (please note these include case studies specific to those taught at St Ivo School). Simply print, cut and fold for simple question and answer cards.

Get your parents / friends to test you or work with others in your geography group and test each other!

Geographical Skills – Revision Cards
Challenges to the Planet – Revision Cards


Unit 2 – Natural Environments

Coastal Landscapes – Revision Cards
River Landscapes – Revision Cards
Tectonic Landscapes – Revision Cards 
Watery World – Revision Cards

Unit 3 – Human Environments

Economic Change – Revision Cards
Settlement Change – Revision Cards
Population Change – Revision Cards
A Tourist’s World – Revision Cards



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