Monthly Archives: May 2011

Practice Paper – Unit 1 – Challenges for Planet (*new)

To provide further support for the forthcoming Unit 1 exam, here is an interactive past paper based on the Challenges for the Planet section of this unit. There are 24 questions and suggested answers in total. You can try the questions yourself and then print with the suggested answers. You can also practice answering under timed conditions! Happy Revising!


Year 11 – Geographical Skills Revision Cards (*New)

To support the first section of the Unit 1 exam we have now published another set of revision cards for you to download on the use of “Geographical Skills”
Remember – you can also download the “Challenges to the Planet” Revision cards for the second part of the exam here.

Year 11 – Challenges to the Planet Revision Cards (New*)

As you prepare for the Unit 1 exam – Challenges to the Planet, there are some revision resources online to support you. You can download the new ‘Challenges to the Planet’ Revision Cards which have questions and answers to enable you to test yourself or get relatives and friends to do so.

Simply download and print the cards – cut along the dotted lines and fold in half so you have question on one side and answer on the other!