Monthly Archives: February 2011

Unit 3 – Population Revision Cards (**New!)

As you prepare for your end of unit tests on Population, which will be in Geography lessons after half term, there are some revision resources online to support you. You can download the new ‘Population’ Revision Cards¬†which have 45 questions and answers to enable you to test yourself or get relatives and friends to do so. Simply download and print the cards – cut along the dotted lines and fold in half so you have question on one side and answer on the other! It is worth investing time in doing this – as you can then keep the set to help you with revision preparation for the Unit 3 module in June, when other online resources, including podcasts will also be available.


Supporting Controlled Assessment with Photographs

You should be making good use of photographs in your controlled assessment. Remember these should be fully integrated in your text and used to back up points that you are trying to make or as part of your data presentation. Remember all photographs should be fully labelled/annotated. Whilst you should be making good use of your own photographs, over the past 5 or 6 years we have built up a collection of department photographs for some of the areas that you are looking at. See your class teacher for the full selection, whilst some are available by clicking on the photograph link below. Please select carefully though, as particular in areas which have seen investment and change over the last few years there may now exist changes which are not reflected in the photographs (however these may also provide useful comparisons to show where improvements have been made!)