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Practice Papers – Unit 2 – The Natural Environment

As you enter the final stages of your revision, you now need to ensure that you can apply the ideas, concepts and examples that you have learnt to answering exam questions. We have done lots of work on exam technique in class and you have lots of questions in your revision guide.

Below are two new interactive Practice Papers to help you practice answering questions. Questions can be given randomly and you can opt to answer it under timed conditions. Having finished your answer you can print your response and then see advice and possible answers to help your mark your answers and get help in consolidating your exam technique. Happy Revising!

Practice Paper – Topic 4 – Tectonic Landscapes

Practice Paper – Topic 6 – Watery World


Revision of Divergent and Conservative Boundaries

A new resources for revising divergent and conservative boundaries has now been uploaded. Instructions are given in the resource which involves categorising and organising statements to revise the processes operating at each boundary. Card Sort Activity for Conservative and Divergent Boundaries