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Year 10 – Global warming & sea-level rise homework


Choose one of the following countries:

(i)  The Maldives;  (ii) Tuvalu (In the Pacific); (iii) Bangladesh

Undertake research and create a case study for your chosen country to show:
1. Why is your chosen country so vulnerable to sea-level rise?
2. What are the predicted threats of sea-level rise for your country?
3. What is being done to try and prevent damage from flooding?

You should start your case study by describing the location of your country, including a map. You may use pictures and images to illustrate the points you make.

Mr Chambers Group – 10A/Gg1 – Tuesday 29th September 2009
Miss Howe – 10B/Gg2 – Wednesday 7th October 2009


Iceland Fieldtrip 2010 – The Launch

As part of the GCSE course at St Ivo we offer you the opportunity to participate in a fieldtrip to Iceland – ‘the land of fire and ice’. The trip supports the work we do in Unit 3 ‘The Natural Environment’ – in our study of Tectonic Environments. In your introductory lessons over the next week you will be given an overview of the Iceland trip and shown a video of what the trip entails. An abbreviated version is available in the PowerPoint below if you wish to show your parents!

Further information can be found on the Iceland 2010 homepage.

Welcome to all Year 10 GCSE Geographers!

Welcome to all Year 10 students at St Ivo School starting the new Edexcel A GCSE Geography course. GeobytesGCSE is St Ivo School Geography Department’s brand new blog designed especially for you!

This blog is in its infancy and at the moment not all pages are active or populated however the blog will be developed as the course progress to provide online support for the topics and key ideas that you are studying during your lessons. There will be frequent posts linked to what you are covering in class as well as links to supporting websites which will help you with your studies. Where possible some of the resources used in class will also be posted as well as quizzes and games to help you consolidate your understanding.

As well as building into a useful revision resource, the aim of this blog is to provide ongoing online support for you throughout your course – so keep checking back frequently and let us know what you would like to see here!